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Want to win the superbowl of nourishing your family?

Make it Superfood Sunday and plan game day with delicious and nutritious superfoods.  Get fun ideas, recipes and quick ways to bring all the best to your Superbowl gathering.  Week 3 of ‘Getting Strong Now with Nutrient-Rich Foods’  is focused on the Superfoods of Nutrition.

Beans, Blueberries, Broccoli, Oats, Oranges, Pumpkin, Salmon, Soy, Spinach, Tea, Tomatoes, Turkey, Walnuts and Yogurt….bring us an abundance of wellness factors.

Check out Bluebird Culinate’s Recipe Box for all the Nutrient-Rich Recipe Ideas.

Fun Superbowl Superfoods Menu Ideas

Superfood Pizza’s… it’s fun to make pizzas with nourishing superfoods…try tomatoes, spinach and broccoli.

Superfoods Yogurt Bar…Serve your family fresh plain yogurt with superfood toppings of oats granola, blueberries, walnuts.

Superfood Salmon Salad…Have a super salad bar with toppings of  grilled salmon, soy nuts and your favorite dressing.

Superfood Black Bean Soup…Serve a warm cup of everyone’s favorite black bean soup as a souper choice.

Superfood Pumpkin Muffins…Easy and delicious mini pumpkin muffins are nutrient rich.

Superfood Beverages…Refresh with iced or warm green or black teas with stevia, cinnamon and orange wedges.



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