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Turnip Fries Recipe by the Pizza Doctor

Turnip Fries are doctored up from potatoes for a healthy alternative by the Pizza Doctor.

Watch the method Pizza Dr. used             to prepare Turnip Fries at the ‘Fresh and Local Foods’ Dinner Party.

Wash turnips well.  Slice and then cut slices into thin strips in the manner of a French Fried potato. Toss in extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt and pepper.  Pan sear and gently stir fry over medium heat until the turnip is cooked through and soft.  If you would like turnip fries crispy on the outside, just before removing from the pan, turn up the heat and stir as they brown. Season with your favorite seasonings. Optional:  Serve with Crystal hot sauce or Heinz Ketchup.

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Pizza Doctor’s Turnip Fries Recipe

Turnip Fries may also be baked in the oven as shown here.

Farmer Bob’s Fried Turnips

This week Bluebird CSA share boxes will be filled with farm fresh turnips and more locally grown winter veggies! 

You may pick up your share boxes at Bluebird Market, 218 N. Center Street, Thomaston, GA  Saturdays 8 am until noon at the Historic Downtown Train Depot market location. We are delighted to bring  these purple and white roots that are nutrient-rich with Vitamin C and an excellent source of  Potassium, sodium and calcium. Turnip roots are also a good source of magnesium and phosphorus. Turnips also provide a small amount of iron, zinc, copper, manganese and selenium.

Get 50% RDA of Vitamin C in 1 cup of turnip root.

Among the various ways to prepare your farm fresh garden shares of turnip roots are boiling, roasting in the oven, pan searing and stir frying in olive oil for hash browns, turnip fries and turnips au gratin. 

You may store turnips found in your CSA share boxes in the veggie crisper of your frig and they should keep for the week, so be sure to use them before next week shares arrive.

1 cup of turnip has about 35 calories and 8 carbs

Turnips can be substituted in potato recipes for a healthier Glycemic Index and fewer calories.

Potatoes have a unfavorable Very High Glycemic Index while in contrast Turnip roots have a favorably Low GI.



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